Terms and Conditions

1. Basis of Contract

These terms and conditions shall apply to all deliveries made by Advice-IT ApS to the exclusion of any other terms that the buyer seeks to impose or incorporate, or which are implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by Advice-IT.

2. Returns

The buyer does not have a right to return the goods.

3. Defects

If the buyer documents within 6 month from delivery that the construction, material or the manufacturer of the goods delivered are defective, Advice-IT ApS may at its discretion decide to:

  1.  replace the defective goods at no cost to the buyer by delivery of a new corresponding product to the buyer per the terms of delivery set out in these terms and conditions or by special terms agreed for the delivery in question; or
  2.  make good by repairing the delivered goods in order for it to comply with the agreed contractual terms, must be returned to base for repairs; or
  3.  credit the buyer the price for the defective goods upon the buyer’s return of the defective goods at the buyer’s expense and risk; or

4. Limitation of liability

Advice-IT shall only be liable for such damage caused by the goods delivered if it can be proved that such damage is caused by Advice-IT’s errors or omissions.

However, Advice-IT shall not be held liable for damage to real property or movable property caused by the goods, while such goods are in the buyer’s possession. Equally, Advice-IT shall not be held liable for damage caused by the goods to other goods manufactured by the buyer or to other goods of which the delivered goods form a part or damage to real property or movable property caused by such other goods due to the goods.

Advice-IT cannot be held liable for operating losses, loss of time, loss of profits, loss of earnings, or other indirect losses.

If a third party files a claim for damages against the buyer according to product liability provisions, the buyer shall immediately inform

Advice-IT thereof. If a third party files a claim in this respect against Advice-IT, the buyer shall indemnify Advice-IT for any such claim, unless such claim is founded on Advice-IT’s intent or gross negligence.